March 5th, 2017

Opal Judith Selzer was born at 12:56pm on March 5th, 2017—her due date! The delivery, though a bit traumatic for her parents (four hours of pushing!!!) went well. Dr. Lajoie—our OB—has a pink streak in her hair and our L&D nurses, Sumi and Emma, were the perfect team of strong, competent, inspiring women to help bring Opal into the world. 


Before we were pregnant, we had a random conversation one day about the name Opal and how we both liked it. It is similar to the title of a Syd Barrett song, "Opel," that Dan loves and is Nicole's birthstone. We considered a long list of other names, but kept returning to Opal. For her middle name, we tried a million combinations, at times desperate to incorporate a Bruce Springsteen reference (Wendy? Sandy?), at other times, hopeful about citing a mid-century artist (Anni? Ray?) Eventually, we landed on Judith, after the groundbreaking queer theorist and intellectual Judith Butler and the self-taught artist Judith Scott. We knew that there was a chance that Opal would be born with a hearing impairment (as far as we know now, her hearing is not impaired) and so were particularly drawn to the Judith Scott reference, since she was Deaf and had Down Syndrome. We also liked the Jewishness of the name, as well as the Klimt painting it conjures. 

While at the hospital, Opal got to meet her grandparents Jill and Vahram and Carol and Michael, as well as her Aunt Jamie and Great-Aunt Nancy. After a two nights staying at NYU Langone, we came home to Queens!