Twenty-Two / Twenty-Three Months


-Talking all the time!  

-constantly asking “what’s _____ doing?” which she pronounces “do-ning.” 

-playing with and arranging her stuffed animals aka her friends  

-Sesame Street, especially Elmo and Rosita  

-Music Together, as always, especially “Hello Everybody So Glad to See You”  

-dance and music class and the teachers at Bula

 -Peter, as always! 

-inexplicably, the number “two five six.” 

-Llama Llama books and Mo Willems’s oevre  

-holding hands with mama and dada

-her grandparents and Aunt Jamie

-Talking about how Uncle Greg moved to California  

-learning Spanish

-her sparkly blue Doc Martens from Debbi  

-piling things and arranging them  

-she says her favorite things are “reading, books, Hello Everybody, Ram Sam Sam, eyes.” 

-blueberries, grapes, popsicles, hot dogs, SELTZER, cheddar bunnies, raisins, bento box lunches, black beans, macaroni and cheese

-insisting “I’m a peanut!!!” 

-singing Happy Birthday! She knows her birthday is March 5th and she’ll be two. 



-being patient

-not knowing where Pete is at all times

-that Daddy has to go to work and not play all day

-the unsettled nature of having our apartment packed up in bags