Sixteen Months



-the number 5

-drinking everyone’s drink but her own and eating everyone else’s snacks 

-going down the big slide at the park, especially on her belly 

-The Wheels on the Bus, “Ee I Ee I” (aka Old MacDonald), LITTLE BUNNY FOO FOO, Uncontrollable Urge by Devo

-black beans, beets, blueberries, string cheese, raisins, plums (aka “balls”), chickpeas (“kick-kees”) 



-other people’s toys at the park  

-her idol, Bea, who is three

-pointing out kids and babies  

-glasses  (“ackees”)

-duckies, doggies, skunks (“sunk”), “goose”

-grabbing on to people’s shirts to make them go where she wants (cute with parents, trouble with other toddlers)  

-reading, sometimes only one page of a hundred different books in quick succession  



-being restrained or constrained in any way  

-not being allowed to eat snacks constantly at all times  

-skinned knees