Ten Months


-Two Little Kitty Cats from music class; she asks for it over and over using the choreography from class: rubbing a hand up and down her arm like a cat

-reading books, over and over and over. She points out the angry purple crayon in her crayon book by shaking her finger and taps her head to ask for The Snowy Day (“the snow fell down—plop!—on his head”)

-pulling up to standing on any and everything

-playing tug-of-war, making exaggerated grunts of effort  

-using baby ASL to ask for lights to be turned on or to point out lights, especially our neon sign from our wedding

-finally, swimming!  

-baby rusk crackers, strawberries, spinach, momos  

-“touching Daddy’s scratchy face” 

-following us from room to room  

-rubber duckies in all forms  

-squinting and batting her eyelashes  

-tossing her food on the floor  

-putting things inside of other things  

-sitting in the perfect spot to triangulate seeing Daddy and Mommy at the same time when they’re in different rooms  



This part is harder and harder! 

-being confined too long

-sleeping well at night (until the last few days of the month when we had to try cry it out again!) 

-being left alone  

-not being read to immediately once she decides she wants to read a book