Eighteen Months


-counting to ten (except for 7) 

-Singing the alphabet (kind of) and applauding herself

-Old MacDonald and Twinkle Twinkle 

-climbing the cargo nets on the playground  

-Pete, Pete, Pete  

-Aunt Jamie, Mimi, and Poppy

-Gacky and Gacky  

-treats (“treat treat treat”) 

-snacks (“snack snack snack”) 

-“Opal’s clock”  

-finally being able to say “milk” 

-when Dada makes that sound by flicking his finger on his cheek  

-reading books by herself and being read to


-kids and teachers at school  

-school buses


-naming all the colors of the cars and flowers and everything else we see  



-being told no  

-any food she doesn’t want at that moment  

-being reminded about personal space  

-daddy working from home and not playing  

-mommy being sick and not playing