Nine Months


-dancing! At the very slightest hint of music, she shakes it! 

-reading. She will go to any lengths to get us to read to her, and when we finish a book, she wants to read it all over again. She empties her bookshelf many times daily and even reads to herself sometimes. 

-drinking water, from a glass or her sippy cup.  

-tossing food on the floor. Before she tries it, she tosses it. 

-the adoring attention of all her family over the holidays. When we got home she kept looking around for her audience.  

-meeting her great-Grandma at Christmas  

-making a super exaggerated amazed face, when opening gifts, when seeing something cool, just to do it!  

-plunging her hand into people’s mouths  

-gnocchi and polenta, cranberry sauce, blueberries and strawberries, chewy cheesey breads, dumplings of all kinds!  

-clenching food in her fist, then squeezing, and eating it when it shoots out the top!  

-pointing at and chatting about art (really!!!) 

-pointing in general! 

-answering any question with an emphatic “yessshshsh!” 


-sharing. She smacks kids to take her toys! Gotta work on that!  

-spoons. Absolutely will not abide. 

-teething. The poor baby has four teeth coming in on top and is in so much pain. 

-sleeping through the night. Naps got better but the traveling and teething this month really messed up nighttime sleep.  

-knocks on the head. All the pulling up on furniture has resulted in a lot of bumps and tears. 

-the car of course, but our new car seat really improved things!!!