Four Months


-her fingers  

-her toes

-squealing and purring  

-tasting foods like broccoli, carrots, nectarines, hummus, and sweet potato  

-her bottle? She hated it and then suddenly grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth a few days before her five month birthday. 

-being close to her mom and dad

-Sophie the Giraffe

-singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider  

-story time at the library  

-fake coughing for laughs  

-reading books, especially Eric Carlie's cannon



-the "extinction method" of sleep training

-napping indoors

-napping in general

-her bottle until she loved it? 

-the elephant and hippo she previously adored on her Fisher Price bouncy seat because she can't get them into her mouth  

-being away from mom and dad  

-the car

-the stroller

-the subway