Eight Months


-sitting up on her own finally—every time she does it, she’s so proud! 

-crawling, finally! 

-crawling or rolling into her parents’ laps

-grown up food—she does a dance when she really likes something

-dancing to music, real or in her head, and playing her drum

-those plastic cups still! 



-peek-a-boo pulling a cloth off Daddy’s face or, self-initiated, with the shower curtain

-hissing—maybe it feels good with her new bottom teeth!  

-handing grown ups books to read her  

-waving and clapping

-greeting strangers on the street

-holding her hand out to people she loves

-putting her hand in our mouths



-being alone, even for a second

-being put into her crib 


-eating with a spoon! She used to love it but now it’s hands only! 

-relinquishing her toys—she started throwing tantrums!  

-staying still!!!