Seven Months


-her orange plastic fish friend, always clutched in her hand




-music class and story time 

-babbling and saying “mamamama” and “dadadada” and “babababa”  

-hanging out with friends in the park  

-drinking water from a glass

-shaking shakers 

-eating from a spoon and with her fingers: yogurt with fruit, sweet potato, banana, spiced pumpkin purée, broccoli, peas, especially pears  

-siting in a high chair and eating grown up food in restaurants

-dancing to music with mom and dad  




-the car

-napping for more than 35 min

-being left alone for more than one second  

-green beans  

-cold rainy days where we can’t go outside  

-barking dogs  

-having to put on a diaper after bath time  

-not being able to crawl yet when she really wants to move!  

-getting put down to go to sleep, still! The worst thing ever. Besides cars.