Eight Months


-sitting up on her own finally—every time she does it, she’s so proud! 

-crawling, finally! 

-crawling or rolling into her parents’ laps

-grown up food—she does a dance when she really likes something

-dancing to music, real or in her head, and playing her drum

-those plastic cups still! 



-peek-a-boo pulling a cloth off Daddy’s face or, self-initiated, with the shower curtain

-hissing—maybe it feels good with her new bottom teeth!  

-handing grown ups books to read her  

-waving and clapping

-greeting strangers on the street

-holding her hand out to people she loves

-putting her hand in our mouths



-being alone, even for a second

-being put into her crib 


-eating with a spoon! She used to love it but now it’s hands only! 

-relinquishing her toys—she started throwing tantrums!  

-staying still!!!  

Seven Months


-her orange plastic fish friend, always clutched in her hand




-music class and story time 

-babbling and saying “mamamama” and “dadadada” and “babababa”  

-hanging out with friends in the park  

-drinking water from a glass

-shaking shakers 

-eating from a spoon and with her fingers: yogurt with fruit, sweet potato, banana, spiced pumpkin purée, broccoli, peas, especially pears  

-siting in a high chair and eating grown up food in restaurants

-dancing to music with mom and dad  




-the car

-napping for more than 35 min

-being left alone for more than one second  

-green beans  

-cold rainy days where we can’t go outside  

-barking dogs  

-having to put on a diaper after bath time  

-not being able to crawl yet when she really wants to move!  

-getting put down to go to sleep, still! The worst thing ever. Besides cars.  

Six Months


-log rolling to get where she wants to go

-sitting up (although she can’t get there herself yet) 

-35 minute naps

-her plastic cups

-sweet potato, banana, peas, carrots, peanut butter! 

-saying “babababa” and “dadadada” 

-the swing  

-waving hello

-mirrors and the cute baby she sees in them  

-reaching out to touch the faces of those she loves  

-facing out in her carrier

-Kids Music Together

-Aubergine and sometimes sitting in a high chair  

-sharing coffee cups and water glasses



-long naps

-waking up at a reasonable hour


-green beans

-car rides  

Five Months


-blowing raspberries and spit bubbles


-riding facing forward in her carrier

-tasting fruit like peaches, pears, and watermelon and eating sweet potato from a spoon

-trying to drink Mommy's coffee

-being tickled on her belly

-her plastic stacking cups

-Pat the Bunny

-finger puppet books and puppets in general

-rolling onto her belly (but not being on her belly once she gets there!) 

-playing the tambourine and the rattle (but not too much or it scares her!)  

-being well-rested a few times  

-the Nick Cave and James Turrell shows at Mass MoCA




-the stroller  

-napping for long enough (but she's getting better)

-did we mention the car?  


Four Months


-her fingers  

-her toes

-squealing and purring  

-tasting foods like broccoli, carrots, nectarines, hummus, and sweet potato  

-her bottle? She hated it and then suddenly grabbed it and stuck it in her mouth a few days before her five month birthday. 

-being close to her mom and dad

-Sophie the Giraffe

-singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider  

-story time at the library  

-fake coughing for laughs  

-reading books, especially Eric Carlie's cannon



-the "extinction method" of sleep training

-napping indoors

-napping in general

-her bottle until she loved it? 

-the elephant and hippo she previously adored on her Fisher Price bouncy seat because she can't get them into her mouth  

-being away from mom and dad  

-the car

-the stroller

-the subway  

Three Months


-the elephant from her bouncy seat

-baby paper

-her moose toy

-the owls in her gym  


-drooling. So much drooling. 

-putting things in her mouth!  

-trying to stand  

-napping in her Ergo

-sucking her thumb

-having her diaper changed outside  

-dancing with her dad

-This Must Be the Place, Talking Heads

-The Clapping Song, Shirley Ellis

-Thirteen, Big Star

-singing along  



-car rides  

-her bassinet  

-waiting. For anything. 

-getting a hair in her eye  


Two Months


-playing in her jungle chair first thing in the morning

-spinning the parts of her wooden baby gym she can reach  

-sometimes taking super long naps in her swing  

-The Zombies "She's Not There" 

-napping on long walks in her Ergo

-kicking around on her sheepskin  

-smiling and cooing  

-One Today by Richard Blanco, Radiant Child by Javaka Steptoe



-sleeping alone  

-not getting what she wants immediately   


-not napping  

-relaxing in someone's arms

Newborn-One Month


-sleeping on Daddy's chest

-sleeping on Grandpa H's chest  


-dancing with Daddy

-The Four Seasons, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder...

-clenched fists  

-diaper changes  

-bouncing vigorously on the birthing ball



-being put down, ever

-bath time