Mispronunciations at Two Years Old

Doing: Dew-ning

Empanada: Apple-bah-da

Spoon: Soom (she knows better but maintains this to bug us!)

Sesame Street: Esame Street

Popsicle: Poppa-shul

Flamingo: Flamigigo

Water: Wah-wah, Wah-wee

Picnic: Pick-pick

Backpack: Pack-Pack

Zoo: Ga-zoo

Henry: Hungry

Squirrel: something like Shwerler? It used to be more like Serk. 

Square: Sware, an improvement from Swerk. 

Yellow: Yeh-yow

Tortilla: Tor-tor-tilla 

Making fun of: Making funny of

Pajama: kajama