When Opal was one month old, a pediatrician at the doctor's office ordered us to start having her sleep in her bassinet. She swore that if we kept trying it, Opal would take to it. Suffice to say, she did NOT. We did give it a good shot but if anyone was going to sleep, that wasn't the solution at that point. Nicole wound up sleeping on a shallow foam mattress on the floor with Opal for another few weeks. It worked out okay because the baby couldn't fall too far if she ever rolled off the mattress (which she didn't).

But, on May 25th, after two sleepless nights with the baby being way too clingy, we tried the bassinet again. Opal slept for four solid, motionless hours, to the point where we went in to make sure she was breathing. She slept another three hours after that, and then two, and we thought we were on our way! The next night she was okay, but the two nights after, she woke up about every 45 minutes, totally miserable to be in the bassinet. We persevered. It's now been a week and a half...we're working on it!